Saturday, June 28, 2008


That is what I am. Derelict in my duty.

Some news, sort of. I still don't know precisely what town I'll be in, but I should be finding out within the next two weeks, according to a slightly middle-of-the-nightish phone call from a local government representative for Kyoto-fu. She called me with some vague information, and to confirm my contact information, and to basically get me all riled up for not very much of a reason. :P

Since then, though, I have officially received my copy of the contract. Twenty days of annual leave, holla!

Also, I and the aforementioned Fig and John went to an optional Q&A session last week, which was decently helpful. Some more of that never-ending "ESID" nonsense ("Every Situation Is Different"), but since it's pretty much the truth, nothing to be done about pinning down definitive answers or advice on many subjects. I will say this, for it: all of the volunteers and staff were very friendly and willing to answer our (sometimes stupid) queries. Good biz.

In the meantime, I still have things which I should be but am not yet doing:

1. visa application
2. some silly prescription nonsense forms >_<
3. studying my long-lost japanese
4. not being a general lazy person

On the upside, I have:

1. sent in a bunch of consulate junk
2. begun, slowly but surely, to buy new clothes
3. been janking audiobooks onto my computer (so I'll have some English narrative without completely skewing luggage weight limits)
4. gotten new hipster-academic glasses
5. had eight hundred doctor's appointments

In other news, I may have been adopted by a British man in his seventies or so with the most amazing handlebar mustache. This guy looks like what you'd expect from a nineteenth-century British colonial explorer, or something. All giant mustache, gold signet ring, fashionable cane, using the word "leftenant" instead of "lieutenant." He looks like he's about to shout "I say!" or "What ho!" or "Jolly good!" at any moment. In fact, I sort of wish he would.

RELEVANCE. This fellow, Richard by name, has apparently decided that I restore his faith in the younger generation, and has been showering me with advice, maps, and travel books. Like, two full sized maps and probably eight to ten books. Seriously. Just for being polite and having a "genuine smile." What can I say, my charisma is at maximum around old people.

It is slowly sinking in what a big move this is going to be. I'm working on shoving off the realization for a while to come.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Oh nos.

Someone on the Atlanta JET forum just mentioned that people placed only at the prefectural level so far (i.e. ME) may not know their specific town placements until pre-departure orientation, or even TOKYO orientation.

NO, PLEASE, NO. I can and will die from suspense. D: